Sheffield United Postcard from Marbella: More golf than you can shake a club at... but watch those carts

You'd go bananas trying to drive here
You'd go bananas trying to drive here
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Back home, Boy Racers who confuse Savile Street for Silverstone cause me the biggest headache whenever I'm out and about in the motor.

Over here, in sun-drenched Marbella, there is a different kind of road hog: The not-so-humble golf cart.

Golf is probably the only sport which can rival football in the popularity stakes in this corner of Spain. In fact, given the number of courses I've spotted since arriving on Monday evening, I'd say it probably beats the beautiful game hands down. My hotel balcony overlooks one, there are two en route to Sheffield United's training centre which, as I mentioned in an earlier dispatch, neighbours the La Quinta Academy. Designed by Ryder Cup winner Manuel Piñero, it apparently boasts some of the most desirable holes in the region and played host, 24 hours ago, to those members of Chris Wilder's squad who prefer pitching and putting to Playstations.

The trouble is, given the sheer number of courses in the region, many of them run alongside roads. Three times this morning my taxi driver was forced to violently swerve to avoid a cart which suddenly appeared from the bushes. After, I might add, struggling to overtake one which, laden down with two gigantic bags and an even bigger golfer, was trundling along the public highway.

Forget bike lanes. In Marbella, golf lanes are the way to go.