Sheffield United news LIVE: Everything Chris Wilder said on players' reaction, Dean Henderson's future, Leeds United, Everton and summer transfers

Sheffield United’s next test comes on Monday night when Everton make the trip to Bramall Lane.

Saturday, 18th July 2020, 10:50 am

Chris WIlder is speaking to the media ahead of that match and you’ll find everything he says here as well as the latest transfer news and gossip.

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Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder has been speaking to the media today ahead of Monday's match against Everton/ (Photo by PETER POWELL/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Sheffield United news LIVE: Chris Wilder’s press conference ahead of Everton clash

Last updated: Saturday, 18 July, 2020, 10:36

  • United take on Everton  on Monday
  • The Blades are still only two points off the top six
  • Chris Wilder will be speaking to the media this morning
  • Jack O’Connell gave his views on the defeat at Leicester and more

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“Dean and Man U know our views on that, we've already started talking to the player and Man U, while respecting it's their decision and the boy’s decision. We'd love to extend it for another season, and when we get the news on that we'll let you know.”

More on his approach after Thursday night

"Honesty works for me, as a player. Just been on the phone to Harry and he told it how it is, I'm not a copy of him but it's a tough environment. We're trying to build mentally tough footballers as well as tactically and physically strong ones. 

“They have to be tough, they have to go to places like Elland Road and scrap and dig out a result last season, which we did. If we were soft in attitude and character, we get turned over in their back yard and we want to create mentally tough players. For me players know where they are, they understand it, it isn't always black and white but from my point of view, this is the way I manage and the players understand that, and have to deal with it as much as anyone else has to deal with it.”

Will there be some free transfers?

“It'll have to be, the chief exec will talk about budgets going forward in discussion with board, it's about getting the max out of what's available for me. Don't think there'll be any head-turning transfers from our point of view so we'll have to work hard to improve the group, which we've always tried to do. We're confident it'll be a stronger group at the start of next season as it was at the end of this one.”

On the new signing Wes Foderingham

“He was available, after the Southampton game a lot of talk will go into recruitment and strengthening, whats happened over the last few months will have a big impact on budgets and in conjunction with Darren Ward, who I work with closely, we needed to strengthen theat department. There'll be a couple of changes in that department, not in a position to discuss, but he became available and it's a good bit of business for us.”

More on reaction after Leicester

"We talked to the players yesterday, it's in our way and our manner, I looked at their body language and reaction and they'll be disappointed. I've got an honest set of players who are really together and if I believed anyone enjoyed what happened on Thursday, then they're in the wrong football club and they understand the standards that have been set. 

“It was below where I want it to be. We can take defeat, we were playing a team in the top 4 with some fab players and a brilliant manager. I got a brilliant message off him after which shows the type of person he is, but I wanted us to be more competitive and better in every aspect than we were. If we lose, we lose but it disappointed everyone. The goalkeeper kept us in the game, we didn't do enough in possession and were too slack and open out of it. ”

On Leeds United’s promotion

"It's a huge football club, a giant one, and congratuations to Marcelo and Liam and all players. We had a tremendous tussle with them and it went to the wire so to recover in way they have and steamroll division is a great achievement there's a lot of pressure on that club and players have stood up to that, especially considering what happened last year, and looking forward to games against them. 

“It's a giant of a football club, they're definitely in top 10 of English football clubs in history power and fanbase, everyone in the game does recognise that, congrats to everyone at Leeds.”

On Carlo Ancelotti and Everton

"What he's achieved as a player, that famous goal he scored, and his career as player, a proper football guy and then goes on to be a world class manager achieving everything in the game. It just shows you how powerful the PL is, that Carlo is managing here, and it's a first time for me and the staff but we're looking forward to it. 

"They're a fabulous, powerful football club and they'll want to finish the season on a high. always said regarding managers, they don't get to where they are thinking of seeing a season out and being on the beach. There's a huge winning mentality that that man has got, which will try and influence the players on Monday night.

“A lot of things can happen for that, some injuries, manager trying different things. People should recognise the position they were in really when he first took over, they were in a relegation scrap and to get in a position as early as they have done is testament to the effect the manager had. All sorts of things happen at clubs but sure they'll come roaring back as a football club and with the backing he'll have in the summer, they'll be a strong outfit next season.”

Wilder on his own reaction to Leiester defeat

"It's a bit of a bugbear for me, they work for the club and in any environment, if you don't do your job properly, you get told about it. My mum works for a garden centre and if she doesn't serve the coffee properly, she might get told. Players are no different, and I've done it at other clubs. 

“I'm not making a big thing about it, I'm the biggest supporter of these players and they've done remarkably well this season. But I'm not interested in what has happened, I work in the present. Nothing will change, regardless if I'm in the PL or anywhere else, and they understand that. I think a lot more is made of it than it should be. They will have had discussions amongst themselves and sure they'll come roaring back.”

Wilder’s here - and first up it’s a question on the players’ reaction

“I don't know what conversations they've had amongst themselves but knowing what they're about, they'll be disappointed. We were off it, we weren't competitive enough and made it too easy for a really good Leicester side. I don't want to be in a position where we have to show a reaction from a defeat but I'm sure the players will understand my thought process and the message I sent to them. For us to compete, we have to do a lot better than we did on Thursday night.”

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