Sheffield United: Flynn issues warning

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RYAN Flynn has warned Sheffield United’s League One rivals that Danny Wilson’s side are ready to go for broke in a bid to bring Championship football back to Bramall Lane.

Speaking ahead of this afternoon’s game against Colchester, the winger told The Star that United will go “back to basics” between now and the end of the season following a series of no-holds-barred discussions behind the scenes.

“We’re just going to worry about ourselves and nobody else,” Flynn said. “The manager has given us license to go out there and express ourselves.

“In a sense I think we’d become too worried and focused on simply trying to win games. Whereas what we should be doing is playing our football because, if we do that, then the results are more likely to come anyway.

“So that’s what we’re going to do from now on. Go out there, enjoy ourselves and just play our football.”

Flynn confirmed this month’s home defeat by Coventry City, which means United enter today’s clash with Colchester searching for their first victory at Bramall Lane since December, had been a watershed moment.

Fifth in the table, United will complete a hat-trick of victories if they beat Joe Dunne’s side following subsequent away wins at Shrewsbury Town and Bury.

“The gaffer has told me just to go out there and attack my full-back,” Flynn added. “Rather than worry about what else might be going on when I’ve got the ball just to have a go at my marker and take him on.

“The same goes for everyone else in the team too. Just focus on winning our individual battles because if we do then everything should fall into place.

“We’ve always worked hard for each other but we’ve enjoyed and controlled the last two matches too.”

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