Sheffield United Fans Column: Bantams and Posh gave us a tougher game than Manchester United

Chris Basham of Sheffield Utd evades Bastian Schweinsteiger of Manchester United
Chris Basham of Sheffield Utd evades Bastian Schweinsteiger of Manchester United
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It must have been one of the most boring football matches in recent history, but it wasn’t Sheffield United’s responsibility to make it entertaining.

I’d read and heard for most of the season about how dull Manchester United were, but I didn’t really believe they’d be actually that bad.

A team containing two World Cup winners and England’s all-time record goalscorer should be able to create chances against a Third Division team almost at will, but United didn’t have to work hard at all to stop them.

David Edgar and Neill Collins can’t have had an easier time all season.

I know for certain that Peterborough United and Bradford City caused them far more problems.

In the end it was slight misjudgements by two tired players up against a fresh one (who cost £25 million). John Brayford got the wrong side of him and would have been better off pulling him back and getting a booking, then Dean Hammond slid in when he should have stayed on his feet.

It was a penalty, but Memphis made sure it was given by throwing his legs out like a kicking horse.

Anyway, the 9,000 Blades fans didn’t seem too concerned by the late defeat, but Bramall Lane’s money men must have been.

The there came the difficulty of getting home.

At least two trains were to full to allow more passengers on, so we gave up and went for later one, which was also bursting at the seams.

There are always complaints in these rare circumstances that more carriages should be put on, but the railway companies always say they can’t rustle up additional rolling stock from nowhere.

Whatever the reason, they continue to be happy to take our money without providing a service suitable for the situation. The consumer always comes last.