Sheffield United Fan’s View: Another new era

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It’s the start of yet another new era – how many of those have we seen?

They must average one a year, and I thought eras were supposed to last a long time. Nigel Clough was possibly the worst-kept secret in the history of football management appointments but he seemed the obvious choice from those available, especially if the club wants to continue with its much-publicised ‘playing philosophy’.

Being very general here, United have bounced from ‘long ball’ manager to ‘passing manager’ one after the other over the past 25 years, so at least there’s a bit of consistency as we ‘pass’ from Danny Wilson to David Weir to Young Cloughie.

Chris Morgan steps aside with his head held high; it’s important that he be kept on to maintain some constancy. He has done well.

For the Port Vale match he reverted to what the players know – 4-4-2 – something that a lot of fans have been asking for all season, and although he went back to one up front to stifle Peterborough it was done with method and organisation.

It was interesting, but unusual, to read Micky Adams’s blunt post-game comments. ‘If we’d kept eleven men out there then I’m sure we’d have gone on to win. That’s because Sheffield United are not a good side. I just don’t think that the squad they’ve got at the moment is good enough.’

It’s up to Clough to prove that Adams is mistaken. He can start by beating a team of eleven men and a clean sheet at home would also be welcome.

Then, is it too much to ask for a win away?