Sheffield United ‘closer to rugby’ – bitter Arsenal fans react to loss

Arsenal fans took to Twitter to slam United’s ‘anti-football’

By rhys thomas
Thursday, 24th October 2019, 10:38 am
Updated Thursday, 24th October 2019, 10:54 am
Arsenal had a torrid evening in South Yorkshire
Arsenal had a torrid evening in South Yorkshire

Sheffield United boast the Premier League’s best defence, and they demonstrated it again by shutting out Arsenal on Monday night.

The 1-0 victory was another huge step in the Blades’ Premier League journey, and the home side fully justified their victory over Unai Emery’s side.

Some Arsenal fans clearly didn’t take the defeat well though, as they took to Twitter to slam United’s ‘anti-football.’

Check out the reaction from bitter Arsenal fans below:

@afcjacques: Sheffield United are probably the most average team in the league. Btec West Brom. Anti football. We lost to that.

@JeanAzzopardi: If you call that football from your end, it’s closer to rugby. Hitting the ball long from 90min will not ensure another season in the PL. Enjoy playing Championship next season.

@afc_ramble: Games like this make me so angry. Sheffield United’s Brexit fans booing everything. Their manager telling Auba to get up after almost having his leg broken. Just another Stoke FC. Disgusting club.

@arsenal_your: Sheffield United are a dirty football team assisted by Mike Dean.

@Andrei_Grayson: Sheffield United are a bang average side and we could’ve played for another fortnight without scoring.

@Peter_E_Dunne: If you aren’t looking at Sheffield United as a comfortable 6 points, you aren’t a big club, you aren’t a club that can compete, you aren’t worth our support. Arsenal is dead. I won’t waste another second of my life watching such crap.

@awesomehabibi: The more I keep watching Sheffield United play football, the more I can’t stop thinking of Stoke City. Same aggressive. Bullying. Flying tackles. Well, they even scored a header. Typical.

@afcevan: Sheffield United are the new Stoke. Dirty dirty dirty.