Sheffield United: Adkins explains how new group works

Nigel Adkins has formed a leadership group at Bramall Lane
Nigel Adkins has formed a leadership group at Bramall Lane
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Nigel Adkins has explained the reasoning behind his decision to establish a leadership group at Bramall Lane, writes James Shield.

The Sheffield United manager explained its presence is designed to ease the burden of on new captain Jay McEveley’s shoulders and foster a sense of responsibility among the club’s first team squad.

Adkins, who promised to adopt a consensual rather than dictatorial approach after being appointed 10 weeks ago, told The Star: “The group is designed to give everybody a voice. It helps when it comes to taking decision because we discuss things that we are planning to do and how it might affect the players.

“It’s something we’ve done at our other clubs and it’s always worked very well in the past. So that’s why we done it here, because of the benefits we’ve seen.

“We’ve mentioned to process before and this is a part of it. It can evolve as you move forward but certain basic principles stay the same.

McEveley heads a delegation of senior players to the caucus which also includes Adkins and members of his coaching staff.

“We like to have a different dynamic there,” he said. “The young players are also represented, as are different positions in the team.

“We want people to be comfortable making decisions on the pitch and so it helps if they go through the same process off it too. With the youngsters in particular, it also helps with the development process.

“Everybody is free to voice an opinion about something that’s been planned or potential alterations. It helps everybody involved to understand exactly what’s going on.

“Equally, it helps us as staff to understand how it might impact on others.”

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