Sheffield coronavirus football LIVE: Latest United and Wednesday news as Gary Neville raises concerns over behind-closed-doors games

Good morning, and welcome to the 'Sheffield coronavirus football news LIVE' blog.

Monday, 23rd March 2020, 11:40 am

We'll keep you up to date with any breaking news throughout the day, as both Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday continue to prepare for when football returns to normality. Both clubs were at pivotal points of their season when football was suspended, and will be keen to discover how the campaign will be concluded. Click 'refresh' for the latest updates.

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Sheffield coronavirus football LIVE

Last updated: Monday, 23 March, 2020, 12:48

Spain are the latest nation to make the big call

Neville voices concerns over behind-closed-doors football

Victory for the Blades

Owls win their opening games in the Quaran-TEAM Cup

A slightly less optimistic view, from the Daily Mail's Oliver Holt (via Sky Sports)

"The possible return dates are almost like singing to keep our spirits up, but I think the general public find that kind of insulting. People's minds - even those who view and love sport as an escape - are not on football, they don't want to think about football coming back yet. 

"This is moving so fast. We are getting to grips with and realising we are at the beginning of this, not anywhere near the end and things are going to get worse. 

Pretty soon football is going to have to stop giving these dates and accept that this is going to be a long hiatus."

Premier League football behind closed doors?

Southampton's chief executive told BBC Sport that the Premier League should seriously consider playing behind closed doors in the near future, and that he hopes the season is concluded by the end of June.

"When everybody is safe and we're not using up NHS and police resources, the government would like us to get back to playing because we are entertainment and a sign that the country is coming back to normal.

"If people are home for another month and Premier League football is on the TV every day that can only be a good thing. Not because we are more essential than the NHS but because we can give people entertainment and show that we're fighting back."

Good morning, and welcome to the 'Sheffield coronavirus football LIVE' blog. We'll keep you posted with any breaking news throughout the day, as we eagerly await further updates on professional football's return.

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