"Shameful", "I'd pay £100", "The detachment grows" - Sheffield United fans react as ticket details for Burnley clash are revealed

Sheffield United today revealed their ticket plans for the final game of the current season against Burnley.

Saturday, 15th May 2021, 7:52 am

United will sell tickets, priced at £40 for adults and £20 for kids, to fans based on the loyalty points system, and those who requested a refund from the club when games went behind-closed-doors last season have been excluded from purchasing them.

Here’s how some Blades fans reacted on Twitter...

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@mike_g_sheff: Relegated weeks ago, then charging £40 a ticket, and excluding fans who needed a refund from their 19/20 ST. Awful decision by the club. Punishing season tickets holders who needed the cash back during an economic crisis is shameful.

@LWCon_86: Another blunder in a series of blunders to compound a miserable season. £40 and £20 is ridiculous anyway, but to watch an abysmal side for one game when the club has had 2 seasons of PL money just stinks. Just losing touch with fans at the minute it seems

@steelcitycordon: @Saudi49er you should hold your head in shame charging £40 a ticket for last game of season this should be free or at the most £10 this is disgusting

@andymorton81: Why are they insisting on loyalty points? Surely season ticket holders and ballots is right. How can any of the kids have 40/45000 loyalty points? Unfair.

Fans will return to Sheffield United's home stadium Bramall Lane next weekend: Darren Staples / Sportimage

@thedon152: They’ve got so much wrong with this it makes you think they’ve done it for a laugh. I still remember the words don’t judge my words judge my actions.

@craigsablade30: To think someone actually thought charging £40 was a good idea . The detachment grows

@Algarvegit: I think they should be paying people £40 to make the effort

@shane_robshaw: It will sell out no doubt, but the club have dropped the ball on this 100%

@allip75: Absolutely outrageous, as much as I’ve missed going to BDTBL I’ll be giving this a miss! Forty quid is just ridiculous pricing for such a non event of a game. Honestly love you in the good times and bad #sufc but I’ll wait till I can have my own seat back next season!

@1984_mjb: Looks like it will be easy enough to get a ticket for the Burnley game then, all i've seen is people complaining about £40 price. I'd pay £100 it's been that long.

@1JonDavies1988: Whoever made the decision about the price has had an absolute shocker. Why not ballet it and make it tenner a go

@NxthxnSUFC: No way we're charging £40 when we've won 5 games all season

@_joshchapman98: Well any excitement for the return of fans has quickly been wiped away by seeing those prices. No chance am I paying £40 to watch us get ripped apart by Chris Wood. Not a good look for the club.

@Elljayfish: Hang on, can only have 5,000+ but probably still have to pay as many staff to work on the day, so sensible pricing if you ask me! I bet most of you have paid that for away games!

@harryroyston15: “We look after the fans” £40 for a nothing match? Seriously after the season we’ve just had and had to deal with the departure of the best manager in my lifetime. Shame on you