Revealed: The six-figure cash sum Sheffield United have pocketed in FA Cup - and how much more they could earn

The FA Cup.The FA Cup.
The FA Cup.
Sheffield United defeated Plymouth Argyle in the FA Cup fourth round last weekend.

Sheffield United have moved into the hat for the FA Cup fifth round after a win against Plymouth Argyle on Saturday.

And the Blades cup run will be rewarded with a financial boost – courtesy of the FA Cup’s prize fund.

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Although the FA confirmed prize money fund will be reduced this season following the pandemic, winners in each round are able to earn cash.

United pocketed £82,000 for their third round win over Bristol Rovers and £90,000 following the victory against Plymouth.

That means in total Sheffield United have gained a cool £172,000 in prize moneyduring their run this year.

And Chris Wilder’s side stands to earn more cash the further they advance in the competition.

Prizemoney for the FA Cup in full:

Extra Preliminary Round winners – £1,125

Extra Preliminary Round losers – £375

Preliminary Round winners – £1,444

Preliminary Round losers – £481

First Round Qualifying winners – £2,250

First Round Qualifying losers – £750

Second Round Qualifying winners – £3,375

Second Round Qualifying losers – £1,125

Third Round Qualifying winners – £5,625

Third Round Qualifying losers – £1,875

Fourth Round Qualifying winners – £9,375

Fourth Round Qualifying losers – £3,125

First Round Proper winners – £22,629

Second Round Proper winners – £34,000

Third Round Proper winners – £82,000

Fourth Round Proper winners – £90,000

Fifth Round Proper winners – £180,00

Quarter Final winners – £360,000

Semi Final losers – £450,000

Semi Final winners – £900,000

Final runners-up – £900,000

Final winners – £1,800,000