"Remarkable" - Arsenal's Mikel Arteta joins Klopp, Guardiola and Co. in studying methods of Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder

Mikel Arteta, the Arsenal manager, has become the latest Premier League boss to wax lyrical about the work of Chris Wilder ahead of his side's clash with Sheffield United this weekend.

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder (centre left) and Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta fist bump: Andrew Boyers/NMC Pool/PA Wire.
Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder (centre left) and Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta fist bump: Andrew Boyers/NMC Pool/PA Wire.

Wilder led his boyhood club from League One to the Premier League in just three seasons, masterminding an incredible ninth-placed finish in the top flight last season in their first season.

The Blades were genuine contenders for a place in Europe until the coronavirus pandemic forced the suspension of professional football in England, and Arteta is just another member of the growing fan club - describing the job Wilder did last season as "incredible".

"I started to analyse his team two years ago, to understand some of the things he was doing and I think him and the coaching staff have done a really, really good job," Arteta added.

"Not just for the way the play because it is a very clear style, but for the culture they created around the club and this feeling that you can sense around the team and how they compete. I think it is remarkable what they have done.

"I was told by someone that we had to have a look at them, and I always like to see different trends, different ways of playing, formations, structures, patterns, and I was impressed with some of the things they were doing. It is always good to have this information."

What other Premier League bosses said about Chris Wilder...

Marcelo Bielsa

Pep Guardiola shakes hands with Chris Wilder (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)

The way he manages to set up his team awakens a lot of interest in me to learn from him. This thought I expressed in the first season before we faced them. After their very good season in the PL, it shows a team is very well prepared.

It’s very clear the importance of what Sheffield United have done in the past two seasons, first with promotion and then in the Premier League. It’s a particular style of play which is well-oiled. They have a very good manager who has been able to ingrain his ideas into his players.

The players clearly feel comfortable in the system being imposed. This is one of the virtues of a good manager, someone who is able to ingrain his ideas and make it look comfortable. It’s a practical team, very difficult to face.

Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp (L) and Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder (Photo by PAUL ELLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

I didn't know Chris Wilder before we played Sheffield United and now I follow Sheffield United, not only when we play them but for different reasons.

I watched a story about where they have come from and it is a wonderful story, an amazing story, and I have so much admiration for them.

They have some very good players and clearly a very good manager. When you consider the level some of those players were at not so long ago - and then look at what they are doing now - you can’t have anything but respect for that.

Pep Guardiola

I'm incredibly impressed. When people say you can improve watching other games, other teams, other managers, this is the one. I never saw some movements they are doing.

I'm really impressed. I admire them, honestly. I admire how they play and what they are doing. It's the same manager and a high percentage of the same players from League One, the Championship, now the Premier League. I like it. As a manager, you see some teams so you can improve - this is the one.

Jose Mourinho

Wilder is doing an amazing job, I don't think many people would expect them to be doing what they are doing.

They're not something that is going to change my idea that they are a good team. They are the result of fantastic work that Wilder is doing there.

Looking at their match against us in our stadium, they were so, so good, they were so, so strong so my boys felt it. They know they are a very difficult opponent.

Frank Lampard

I have seen [Wilder’s] story from League One through the Championship, going up against his teams a few times now, and what he has done this year. Whatever happens in the final few games, his story as a manager is incredible and I have huge respect for him.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær

I don't normally like to speak too much about the opposition, but you've got to give praise where it's due. They've had a few promotions now, and Chris has done a fantastic job with his players and with the club.

And for us, with Dean Henderson having been there, he's really stepped up and done well for them, so I'm very happy with what he's helped us with, but also happy for Chris with his local team. He's such a big Sheff United fan, so you know what it means to him.

Brendan Rodgers

Chris is certainly up there. I know from first-hand experience coming into this league, the challenge it is. To get the team tactically ready, and giving the players the confidence to succeed at this level, he’s done a brilliant job.

They’ve had the momentum coming through. They fight, they run, but they also play with quality.

We knew from early on in the season, when we played them, we saw the problems they can cause.

Sir Alex Ferguson

(Revealing Wilder's second place in the LMA manager of the year gong, only behind title winner Klopp)

In second place, Chris Wilder. Another great year. Fantastic. Last year you won it but you'll have to settle for second this year. I'm sure you are happy with that. A magnificent performance, so well done.