Red and white stripes for the Owls one day. Really?

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SO, the flags have been put away and the bunting has been taken down. That’s the Wednesday fans sorted then!

As for the Golden Jubilee celebrations, could there just be a lucky omen in all of it for Sheffield United, particularly as their followers cling to anything for a bit of solace in the aftermath of their latest disappointment?

The last Golden Jubilee on these shores (just in case you missed mention of it somewhere over the past week!) was back in 1897 for Queen Victoria and I’m indebted to Blades pal Jim Wilson for pointing out what happened next to Sheffield United.

The season after that Golden Jubilee was 1897/98 and United became champions of Division One, which is what football’s top flight was called back then.

So, could history repeat itself? Could the Blades follow up this Golden Jubilee with a championship that has a One in it, ie League One?

A Golden Jubilee lucky omen perhaps? And in that 1897 Jubilee year, United had finished second which is where they really ought to have ended up this time.

I suspect Unitedites won’t mind how they go up next season as long as they do. Perhaps it would be nice to do it via the play-offs!

Wonder what Dave Jones thinks to his former club Cardiff City having to change the colour of their strip from the traditional blue to red and replace their Bluebird emblem with a dragon?

They have had to ditch 104 years of tradition because the club’s billionaire Malaysian owners insisted on it - a case of red or dead you might reeckon - in return for massive investment including wiping off the estimated £70 million debt. If no change then you can forget the investment.

The promise is to spend massively to ensure Premier League football. It just prompts a thought.

Let’s say some foreign investor buys out Wednesday from Milan Mandaric. He doesn’t like blue and white stripes but much prefers red and white stripes instead and insists on a change. Or you don’t get your investment.

What would be the reaction of Owls’ fans? Happy to sell your soul for red and white stripes? But you might just be nearer the Premier League. Worth it?

You could apply it the other way. A new United owner wanting to switch to blue and white. They’ll be changing the names next!

So you don’t reckon England have got much chance at Euro 2012 then? Should I make that ‘no chance’?

That seems to be in keeping with the rest of the nation.

Never has an England side travelled to a tournament with expectations so low. Of course, makes a change from all and sundry (often any player the media grabs) bigging up our chances.

Not this year, however. But England would be nothing without expectation and there is still expectation this time although of a different type.

Suddenly, because we’ve no chance and being written off, everybody assumes that’s our best chance. Look how Denmark and Greece won it when no one fancied them, they say. So why not England? We could do a Denmark or a Greece.

You see, the expectation rises again. Mind you, I do admit it might help us being written off.

I think we’ll do well to get out of the group. Then again, I worked out the other day how we could lose the first game to France, draw with Sweden and still go through.

So don’t despair should the French beat us. However, beat them and just watch where the expectations go!