Old goalies were superior

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Just read Charlie Webster’s column regarding the Huddersfield and Scunthorpe results. The defending for the Scunthorpe goal was worse than a schoolboy error, the player ran at four defenders, who were backing off from just over the half way line, without a challenge on him, and credit to the striker, he shot and beat the goalie - good goal on his part very poor on ours.

The first Huddersfield goal was a gift from Simonsen, who parried a shot, straight into the path of a player, who was following up and thank you very much, put it into the net, the other 2 goals resulted from poor marking.

Why do goalkeepers PUNCH the ball when a lot of times they can CATCH it, they should be commanding the goal area .

Why do they parry the ball straight back out into play instead of pushing the ball out to the side, or round the post for a corner, or over the bar, anywhere that is relatively safe? Who is coaching these goalkeepers, the punching instead of catching in my opinion crept in from overseas, years ago, as I remember, your Springetts ( Ron and Peter ) and Alan Hodgkinson used to either push the ball away to safety or catch it, they were outstanding goalies. Let’s hope we see some improvement soon at both Hillsborough and the Lane, at present nobody is getting their money’s worth.

United have had a rude awkening and I hope they have learned from it.

P J Hunt, email.