Megson turned down Sheffield United manager’s role because of his Wednesday past

Owls Gary Madine wins the Football League 'Young Player of the Month' Award presented by his Manager Gary Megson
Owls Gary Madine wins the Football League 'Young Player of the Month' Award presented by his Manager Gary Megson
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Gary Megson has told how he once rejected the job of Sheffield United manager because of his Wednesday history.

The Owls boss was interviewed at Bramall Lane and was offered a contract but said no simply because he felt the post was not right for him.

It happened in late 1999 before the Blades turned to Neil Warnock.

Megson said: “I was rung by Derek Dooley one afternoon and he said ‘Do you want to come down and talk about the job?’ I just went straight away.

“I was in Stoke’s club car because I’d only just left there. I was looking for a place to park down at the Lane where nobody could see me going in; I just thought to myself ‘this won’t work’.

“I’m different to Danny [Wilson]. I played here for six years, I was brought up and steeped in it as a kid.

“My old man captained Wednesday for 18 years and I’ve been going to games since I was five.

But he went through with the interview, with United officials Dooley and Bernard Procter.

“It started off something along the lines of Bernard saying ‘we’ve seen you playing for that lot over the road but I’ve never seen you play on our ground; we like what you did at Stockport but aren’t so keen on the style of football.’

“My interview was a a bit inauspicious initially, anyway, but they did ask if I’d sign this contract; they put it in front of me and I said no.”

Megson said that he never thought about how United fans would react to his appointment:

“It just didn’t feel right for me. I went back home to Barbara, my wife, and said ‘There’s no way I can take that that job, purely from my point of view, nobody else’s.

“She said ‘You’d better ring them now’. I thought ‘There’s no point because I’m not going to get the job’. I went to West Brom about three weeks later anyway.”

But Megson thinks that the Blades job is good one

and Danny Wilson was right to take it.

He explained: “He wasn’t working; he got offered a a job at a club that has a massive wage bill and has just come out of the Championship with good players. It’s a great job for him to take.

“When you have a [United]

manager who’s played for and managed Wednesday, there will be a few dissenting voices from people will maybe look for something that’s not there, but it’s a job for Danny, it’s a big club and it’s a great opportunity for him, and he’s a good lad, Danny Wilson.”

“It’s a great job but I don’t think it would work for me because I’m viewed as Wednesday through and through. I’ve had Unitedites give me stick when I’ve been at Bolton and Stockport.”

Megson, who is in opposition to Wilson at tomorrow’s derby, has welcomed 10-goal Gary Madine’s Football League Young Player of the Month award.

“Gary’s award is fully deserved,” he said. “He’s a got a lot of learning to do but already he’s developing a good scoring record.”