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Che Adams
Che Adams
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I wrote in this season’s opening column that Nigel Adkins’ squad was large but short on stand-out players and less than a week into the season the club has sold one of those few. But it didn’t come as a surprise. It has been on the cards – though Adkins might deny this – ever since the arrival of Martyn Woolford, regarded by many as Jamie Murphy’s replacement.

Once Murphy declared his intention to play for Scotland, which he felt he could not achieve in League One, his departure was inevitable.

The fee offered was good too – a fair bit more than I would have expected for a player who is untouchable on his day but has too many lesser days to make him international quality.

Perhaps Brighton will be the place he puts it all together.

Part of the reason for United to rubber-stamp Murphy’s sale was that his successor is already at the Lane, and it isn’t Woolford. Despite his two goals against Spurs I was yet to be convinced by Che Adams, but his goal at Swindon Town, when he turned, sped past a couple of players and fired – left-footed – into the far corner, certainly did the trick for me.

This season he has acquired more strength and shown a willingness to go outside the full back rather than cutting in every time.

He started and finished both goals against Chesterfield with real skill and awareness of what was happening around him, then he was awake to Conor Sammon’s position at Peterborough to set up his second goal there.

If he can do that sort of thing consistently Che Adams will be a really big asset this season.

Until we sell him.

It’s looking better as United have improved with each game, though there’s the worry of two more injuries to cope with.