Majority of Sheffield United fans would support 'vaccine passports' if they meant a return to Bramall Lane

Over two thirds of Sheffield United fans would be willing to wear a face mask, observe social distancing regulations and sign up for a so-called ‘vaccine passport’ if it meant they were allowed back into Bramall Lane to watch their side next season.

By Danny Hall
Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 6:31 am

As part of The Star’s big fans survey, inviting the views and opinions of Blades supporters on a number of options, 67.5 per cent of respondents say they would be willing to wear a mask and observe social distancing if it resulted in them being able to watch live football again.

The subject of so-called ‘vaccine passports’, designed to track whether an individual has either had their Covid-19 vaccine or has recently tested negative for the virus, had been suggested as a way of allowing tens of thousands of people back into football stadiums for the first time since last March, when football was halted as a means of halting the spread.

And when asked if they would be willing to sign up for a vaccine passport if it meant returning to Bramall Lane quicker, 67.7 per cent of fans said ‘yes’. A further 11.9 per cent said maybe, with only 20.4 per cent saying no.

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Sheffield United welcomed a small number of fans back for their final game of the season against Burnley - Jan Kruger/Getty

Seven out of 10 Blades fans polled also said they were looking forward to playing in a league without VAR. Almost 13 per cent of fans were on the fence about the issue and 14 per cent felt that fans would complain when a decision goes against them in the Championship, which doesn’t yet have the VAR technology.