£13million for Matt Kilgallon and the £12m striker... How much these Sheffield United signings would cost in today’s money, according to research

Sheffield United broke their transfer record last summer when they signed John Egan from Brentford - but interesting research from TotallyMoney’s Transfer Index has calculated how much some of United’s past arrivals would cost in today’s money.

By Danny Hall
Thursday, 28th March 2019, 3:55 pm
Updated Thursday, 28th March 2019, 3:58 pm
Bramall Lane (Richard Markham Photography)
Bramall Lane (Richard Markham Photography)

And the results are remarkable. TotallyMoney took the average transfer values of players since the English Premier League began in 1992, and compared the increase in transfer costs over time. From this, they calculated a “football player inflation” to work out how much our favourite footballers would cost if they were bought today.

Then: 140,000 GBP. Now: 3.1m
Then: 710,000. Now: 3.5m
Then: 770,000. Now: 3.8m
Then: 1.02m. Now: 5m
Then: 280,000. Now: 5.6m
Then 400,000. Now: 8m.
Then: 1.8m. Now: 9m
Then: 2.35m. Now: 11.5m
Then: 2.4m. Now: 11.7m
Then: 2.6m. Now: 12.7m