How to spot a fake Sheffield United shirt after Blades pledge to do all they can to protect brand following Premier League promotion

Sheffield United today pledged to continue taking brand protection seriously after an investigation by The Star revealed a host of fake Blades shirts available for sale on the internet.

Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 14:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 2nd October 2019, 14:21 pm
John Egan in a (real) Sheffield United shirt: Simon Bellis/Sportimage

But how can a fake be spotted?

In the case of United’s shirts, the giveaway is often the badge. The new, updated Blades logo stands out clearly when shown next to a fake shirt, which will often use the older logo with smaller crossed swords.

An example of a Blades badge on a fake shirt

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The logo of USG on the sleeve is often far smaller than it should be on authentic shirts.

And if the shirt has tags, this will help spot a fake too. The original shirt should have some reference to Sheffield United or SUFC/SU on the tag, whereas fake shirts often simply say ‘adidas jersey’ or something similar.

A United spokesperson told The Star today: “The amount of counterfeit merchandise, including shirts, is a consequence of being part of the Premier League.

“Sheffield United take brand and asset protection seriously and we now have the support of the Premier League to ensure those who have taken advantage of the club are made accountable.

The Blades badge on an authentic shirt

“We continue to take a serious interest in those who are attempting to make commercial gain from our name, logo, ground or trademarks, especially with substandard and potentially dangerous goods, that we do not wish to be associated with.”