Lane stars who crossed the divide

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Fan’s View: Bladesmen who crossed the divide

Now, that’s good, because his distant footballing past as a player has no bearing on his ability to do his current role, but I seem to remember a couple of hundred people demonstrating when Danny Wilson got the job as United’s manager, although he was eventually accepted with a degree of reluctance.

We also had Ian Porterfield - another former Wednesday player - thirty-odd years ago, but nobody seemed to hold that against him.

Quite a few players have crossed the divide in recent years, the former Wednesday players who came to United have generally doing well. We forgave Alan Quinn for his strut at the Kop end when he scored for Wednesday at the Lane, especially when he scored the winner for us against them in front of their fans.

Leigh Bromby and Derek Geary also won the fans over quickly; playing on a promotion-winning team certainly helped this trio.

Going further back we had Jeff King, who scored important goals in the Fourth Division, Teddy Curran (United’s least popular signing ever?), David Ford, who didn’t do much at the Lane, and Brian Marwood. More recently, Richard Cresswell, never the most skilful player, was booed on his debut but changed opinions with sheer hard work and determination, whilst people seem to have forgotten that one of our first team regulars, Tony McMahon, had a very successful loan spell at Hillsborough a few years ago.

As football has become more and more of an itinerant industry players move around all over the place - often on loan – so much that it’s difficult to keep up.