Gritty Morgan can shorten our League One stay

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History beckons and so does the new season.

It is the first time in 31 years that the red and the blue of Sheffield battle it out in the third tier.

This little statistic has warranted a fair bit of national coverage of Sheffield and the city’s current position in the Football League; but how gloomy was it all made out to be?

One article even stated in recent years that the majority of clubs in Yorkshire have ‘lurched from well-publicised financial disaster to despair in recent years.’

I wouldn’t quite say we are in a state of despair, would you? That’s just football, and sport as a whole.

Any team or individual has ups and downs, that’s why it is a competition and an exciting one that we are all so passionate about.

For me this kind of doom and gloom media chat is not such a bad thing, though.

It’s the sort of chat that should drive us as Blades fans to prove everyone else wrong. And the players - they can thrive on this to defeat the ‘doubters’ and use it to their advantage.

Howard Wilkinson made a good point recently alluding to the fact that with so many derby games there will always be a challenge.

Derbies certainly step things up a notch, the extra pressure needed to push even harder against the other teams in the division.

The better the competition, the more good it does. It raises the standards ...

The rest of League One teams will no doubt up their own game when it comes to taking on Sheffield United.

Everyone’s aim will be to beat the Blades. And that will be the measure of our team.

With Chris Morgan now working behind the scenes I think United should measure up quite well. He’s certainly one person who has got the grittiness needed to fight our way out this league.

Although there is still the threat of certain players leaving before the end of the transfer window so far we’ve managed to keep hold of Jordan Slew, an expression of intent by the club and a massive bonus on the pitch.

If we can hold on to Lee Williamson as well we’ll have one of, if not the, best midfielders in the division.

Roll on this weekend. I can’t wait!

Oldham have had a major restructure this summer with 10 players being allowed to leave.

So come on Blades, let’s take full advantage ...