"Glad he spoke out" ... "Airing dirty laundry in public" - Sheffield United fans react to Prince Abdullah's interview over Chris Wilder's exit

The fall-out from Chris Wilder's Sheffield United departure continued this morning when footage of Prince Abdullah's interview with Sky Sports was broadcast.

By Danny Hall
Thursday, 25th March 2021, 11:38 am

In it, the United owner made a series of claims about Wilder's exit, including that he tried to quit twice before he eventually left and asked for a £4m pay-off.

The interview generated much debate on social media, and here's how a selection of fans reacted to it on Twitter...

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@1JonDavies1988: Glad the owner has come out and spoke and he needed to tbf. Not sure there are many answers on it or much we didn’t know but it needed doing before the next manager comes in. Needs putting to bed

@ceeps1972: The bit of the PA interview that will get glossed over is the bit about PA flying back to tell CW that, no matter what, he is the man to lead us next season. Yet still CW wanted out. I wish he was still in charge but he is gone and we are still here

@designedbyross: Personally don’t mind this interview. A lot of what he’s saying adds up, CW trying to walk in Dec/Jan when it was leaked on here & caused a meltdown. Cant really blame him for not wanting to pay CW off in full & for doubting recruitment. Just a shame it ended like this

Prince Abdullah and his former manager Chris Wilder: Simon Bellis/Sportimage

@AdamParr: Ahhh I love my club, nothing like airing your dirty laundry in public

@FarnettBrian: Looks like some of the fans are turning on Wilder after the PA interview. I can see both sides of the argument but, even if CW has been out of order, what he's done for this club and the memories he's given me.... He'll always be a legend in my eyes.

@J_hanwell: Surely the emotional backlash from the fans has forced PA to respond? If you were him and read/felt the reaction of the fans you'd want to put your thoughts forward.

Sheffield United owner Prince Abdullah claims Chris Wilder 'tried to quit Blades TWICE' - 'wanted £4m pay off to resign'

@DemBladesDavid: He has every right to defend his position, but the way the owner has gone about this isn't great. Going to the national press instead of local, mentioning exact financial details, little digs at Wilder's future suitability. A misjudgement.

@KopFinest: The problem with the media these days is there always has to be a winner, people fall out, business ideas clash; it happens. We’ve got to move on, no need to be annoyed at things completely out of control now. There will still be a club tomorrow.

@inremotepart: Owners of football clubs should neither be seen nor heard

@KarlFParker: Can honestly say Prince spoke really well, didn't look like he was lying but we have to hear Chris' story of events now

@azzle94: This interview with PA probably should’ve been done when it all kicked off but better late than never. A lot of the fans have been asking for answers & he’s given his side. Not saying I believe him but unless we get CW side, I doubt we will ever know.