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Our football-mad readers were quick to give us their views on which player from their club’s past they’d like to see back in their team.

We posed the question on our website, after Paul Scholes made an unlikely return to Manchester United’s midfield in last Sunday’s FA Cup derby.

That appearance was followed by Thierry Henry’s goalscoring exploits back in an Arsenal shirt, this week.

Here are some of your views on who you would bring back if you had access to a football time machine!

On the Sheffield United beat, Dingle Dickie wrote: “Alan ‘Sherman’ Birchenall. The blond bombshell’s Best-like style and never ending stream of goals against Wednesday convinced me to be a Blade when all the rest of the family were Owls.

“The Wednesday player I’d most like to see return would be the incomparable one and only Colin West. Entertained me (unintentionally) every time I saw him. What a player that lad was...”

Silverblade made the point that “Mick Jones pure class for a centre forward.”

In the blue side of the city, UTO wrote: “If only (Trevor) Francis had the bottle to sign (Eric) Cantona. I remember seeing him at the Arena against Baltimore Blast but because the outside pitches were frozen solid. Francis declined him a contract after a week’s trial!”

Our website correspondent JGKES was spoiled for choice. “So many to choose from: Swan, Kay, Fantham, Sheridan, Hirst Waddle, Springett, but goal scorers are worth their weight in gold so I’d go for John Fantham for his speed, power of shot in both feet, ability to beat a man and no mean passer of a ball either.”

While Dukeries Owl mixed today and yesteryear: “Hirst and Madine up front...that would have been something, especially when Hirst’s career would not necessarily be ruined by the likes of Bould, Keown & Adams scything through his ankles from behind on a regular basis.”

And nortwonwoodseatslives chipped in: “No Contest - Derek Dooley. He would truly make Jordan Rhodes (Huddersfield) look very ordinary!”