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Tributes to Gary Speed at Bramall Lane
Tributes to Gary Speed at Bramall Lane
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THE footballing world is still coming to terms with the tragic death of Gary Speed, aged 42 - here fans pay tribute to the former Sheffield United player, coach and manager.

When I read of Gary’s death I was left numb and overwhelmed by sadness. It is not the fact that Gary was well known and high profile that makes people upset by this tragedy but the fact that he was so likeable.



RIP Gary Speed! True legend and a great man.

Donny Blades

He was a true professional and a man I looked up to. I’m gutted for his family, friends and the football world; this is a man who cannot be replaced. He was a great footballer and achieved great things yet always remained balanced and grounded. He was a proper role model. A great man. RIP Gary Speed.


Never before have I felt as numb or sad as I do now having heard the sad news about Gary Speed. Rest in peace superblade, always remembered and never forgotten. My sincere condolences to your family x.


Finding it hard to find the words to say how I feel. Just so sorry at this news. RIP Gary. Thanks for the memories. My deepest thoughts to all family and friends.


Deepest sympathy to all Gary’s family. A sad loss to the world of football. When both Sheffield teams achieve promotion to the Championship this season let’s hope we all have time to reflect on the contribution Gary made to so many clubs including the Blades. From an an Owl with respect.


What a very sad day. The man was a fantastic footballer and by all accounts a true gentleman. I hope he now finds peace.


Gary Speed was a wonderful footballer, manager but most of all a wonderful person. A true gentleman. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Gary’s wife, their two boys and all his family. RIP. Alan & Max


There are times when cross-city rivals come together to support each other. Let’s hope Gary is in a better place than he was and that his family and friends find solace in the fact he was a very much respected player, manager and human being. RIP Gary.

Canada Owl

I was devastated to hear the sad news about Gary Speed. He was a good player and a gentleman. He stopped for me once so I could take a photo of him. My heart goes out to is wife and is two sons. God bless, Gary. RIP.


RIP Gary, a great player. Deepest sympathy to his family.

Rest in peace, Gary. Great player and manager. You will be sadly missed.


Strange how something as tragic as this brings together ALL football fans regardless of their rivalries. RIP Gary, you were one of the true ambassadors for football. Sincere condolences to your family.


Devastating news and difficult to understand. Obviously I did not know him personally but he seemed to be a top bloke, as well as a really good footballer. My sympathies go to his family and I hope that he himself has found some kind of peace.


I am truly saddened by the news of this great man. He gave 110% to whichever club he played for and as a Blades fan I could not fault the effort he gave to the club. He will be very much missed by all in football. Gary Speed. You will live on in our hearts. My deepest thoughts goes to all your family.


Gary, you were not the most successful manager at Bramall Lane in your short spell but you definitely were the most likeable. You were one of the best midfielders of this era. People are always saying “we need a player who will win the ball in midfield, put his foot on the ball and find the right pass”. You were that player, Gary. You also had the worst chant but one last time: Gary, Gary Speed. Gary, Gary Speed!

Ldn Rd Blade

Would be a fitting tribute if both teams went up


I’m a Leeds fan and can truly say that Gary was one of our all-time greats, a player who always gave 100%. He will always be fondly remembered. Whatever troubled him may he now rest in peace.


Speedo was one of a rare breed of modern-day footballer: a true professional who clearly appreciated the opportunity he’d been given and made the most of it throughout a long, distinguished career. He showed respect to ‘the game’ and in turn gained the respect of teammates, coaching staff, opponents and fans. No surprise to see tributes from supporters of all denominations.


A true footballing professiona, unlike the ones of today.


It’s incredibly difficult for a supporters group to speak for the whole fan base, but on this issue we’re pretty convinced that we can say we speak for every fan connected to Sheffield United Football Club when we say that we were aghast at the sad news of the untimely passing of former club captain and manager Gary Speed. The reaction from all football fans has been the same - shock and sadness - and this ability to unite all football fans of differing allegiances shows the regard that this consummate professional was held in.

Sheffield United

Fans Alliance

We count ourselves fortunate to have encountered Gary in person a number of times, including the day he made the step from a professional footballer to a manager. Other than the respect you couldn’t fail to feel towards a talented, dedicated, model professional, he also came across as genuine first-class individual. He had time for fans, media and fellow professionals alike.

Foxy Founder

and Administrator