Fans view: New boss has a top-class pedigree

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Another season in League One, a new manager. But is David Weir the man United have been looking for since Neil Warnock left in 2007?

Everything you read about him and everything anybody says about him portray him as an intelligent, thinking man who has played with and for some of football’s best.

He played at the top level till he was 41, so he knows the game inside out. But how well does he know League One, a level at which he never played (unless you include Falkirk early in his career)?

You can see the logic behind the selection of Weir, despite his having no managerial experience.

He has learned all the modern football methods of conditioning, nutrition, tactics and training, knowing how to put them into practice, and has multiple friendly contacts at the top of the game.

There is also the track record of young Scottish managers in recent years, a factor that must have come into consideration. United must be hoping that Weir can follow in the successful footsteps of David Moyes, Malky Mackay, Paul Lambert and Steve Clarke.

What Blades fans most want to see from Weir’s team is football that does not make you wish you were somewhere else, which is what happened for much of last season.

Danny Wilson was unfortunate in many ways, but in the end he did not do a lot to help himself, appearing to be a stubborn individual who refused to do something simply because everybody else wanted him to do it.

Weir’s team selections in the pre-season games have given some clues as to his preferred formation and tactics, if the not the individuals who will fill the roles.

The new manager has far more options than his predecessor, and over full season they will all be used.