FANS REACTION: Sheffield United lose at home to Fleetwood Town

Matt Done scores for Sheffield United.
Matt Done scores for Sheffield United.
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Sheffield United’s promotion charge suffered a setback at Bramall Lane as Fleetwood Town came away with all three points which surely all but ended the outside chance the Blades had of gaining a place in the top two.

Here’s what United fans had to say about the 2-1 defeat, which came after their midweek loss to Peterborough:

@SheffUtdShouts - Poor today nothing more to be said we need to back Clough to the play offs and through them. Getting on the players backs now is silly #sufc

@RobClark90 - I’m sorry, but subbing a left back for a left back when we’re losing with 10 to go at home against Fleetwood is not acceptable #sufc

@ReidD8 - Think League 1 beckons for another year with our inconsistency and negative tactics. Simply not good enough! #sufc #twitterblades

@dteaguey - Now more than ever Clough needs to dip into the youth, not enough determination from some of the players out there #sufc #twitterblades


REPORT - Sheffield United 1 Fleetwood Town 2

@SheffChris - Looking at today’s side only Murphy & Doyle aren’t clough signings and they were our best players what’s that tell you? #twitterblades #sufc

@SamRodgers32 - Unfortunately there’s no way to defend Clough after losing at home to Fleetwood #sufc

@footyexplained - I don’t think we will stay in the playoffs, and if we drop out, clough’s position has to be untenable. #sufc #twitterblades

@MarkMarkcolton - Clough seems to know the problems when he talks but he seems incapable of sorting them harry and collins big loss from last year #sufc

@KieranBatham - I’m sorry but it’s about time clough had a long hard look at himself not good enough especially at home #twitterblades

@warpedpolecat - Nobody can criticise the board for ambition. They have spent loads - this is Clough’s fault #sufc

@helenmarie88 - Still cant get over how awful we were today!Outplayed by far by Fleetwood of all teams!No control, movement, urgency, creativity. #sufc

@Max_Goddard9 - Boring display. Fans losing patience. Seems owner is too. Time for a change and a whole reshuffle. We want attacking football. #sufc

@tps_rpt - Even if we made playoffs, you couldn’t be confident about our defence or home form seeing us through. #sufc #twitterblades

@GeorgeSteer1994 - Nigel did a good job last year, saving us from RELEGATION! But chasing promotion is another story, don’t think he’s up for it #sufc

@Tickhillblade - Anyone else remember going to Bramall Lane and expecting to win. From #fortress to #colander #twitterblades #sufc