Fans Reaction: Scunthorpe United 1 Sheffield United 1 - Blades have their say

Kieran Freeman strikes
Kieran Freeman strikes
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Sheffield United’s promotion drive continues to creak, with two points dropped today away to Scunthorpe and some Blades fans are feeling a little nervy.

Here’s a selection of their views following today’s game:

@RyanDaffin - and that’s meant to be a promotion team? We’re embarrassing! Williams is worst player in this league, no winger against him #twitterblades

@NicholasCowie - Think the only good thing about the table is we have a much better goal difference then anyone under us #sufc #twitterblades

@NicolaColton16 - Clough is deluded if he thinks that was a good away point #twitterblades


(|REPORT: Scunthorpe United 1 Sheffield United 1|CLICK HERE}

@Shaunsufc2013 - Cloughs post match comments sound like a very very desperate man. We was as bad as usual today #sufc #twitterblades

@pauljhnst - Clough cant keep accepting “a point” away from home,puts too much pressure on a demanding crowd when we play at home #twitterblades

@Hooley27 - Very very very poor. Something somewhere needs to change and fast #sufc #twitterblades

@ja_healey - I’m a Clough fan but it’s getting harder to defend him. We should never be happy with a point at Scunthorpe, never. #sufc #twitterblades

@hillblade1889 - A good point is being 2-0 down at the leaders and clawing it back not against a team 17th in the League, rubbish statement #twitterblades

@bigsnowden - As much as it was woeful today. Sacking Clough at this stage would be ludicrous decision we’ve seen what happened with Wilson #twitterblades

@wilbo1993 - Another 2 points dropped. Fantastic. Lucky to stay in the play offs at this rate. #sufc #twitterblades

@lordkynaston - Whatever the disappointment there’s a big difference between not being positive and perpetuating toxic negativity #twitterblades