Even those who despised Danny will be happy now

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TUESDAY night’s superb result was a perfect way to silence any recent negative comments against Sheffield United.

We all know the sort of people and managers that I am referring to.

It’s those that get on and do their job that succeed in the end, not the ones who constantly shout about it and feel they have to justify what they do.

The Blades are doing very nicely thank you very much.

I think even the most fervent anti-Danny Wilson supporters will be ever so slightly nodding their head in approval.

Huge respect for our manager in the way he has conducted himself and our campaign so far.

If all parties keep on learning with such dignity we are in for a real treat.

Alongside quite a few other United fans I do have an air of caution, almost not quite believing our football and continuing improvement in this promising promotion crusade. But isn’t that just what being a Blade is all about?

I judged the npower League fan of the year awards this week, all of which must remain confidential until the actual event itself in March.

I have to say though it really made me think about everything that I love about football and Sheffield United.

There were some incredible stories about the lengths fans have gone through to support their club, the community, youth and the supporters themselves across all divisions.

The dedication and passion is both admirable and completely infectious.

One fan had attended 2,000 consecutive games home and away for his team. Whilst another loyal supporter wouldn’t have Sainsbury’s carrier bags in the house as the colours were too close to her rival club.

Any Blades out there with quirky little rules like that?

I do wear a lot of red when I’m on Sky Sports News! I also have a United teddy called Deano, named after Brian Deane.

Of course I did my duty and dropped the Blades in conversation. I was asked about our boss and his past allegiances in relation to the upcoming Sheffield derby.

I said I personally don’t care; all I care about is what Wilson is doing for us, which is to be fair, his club too.

The Football League brought up the situation of a United v Wednesday play-off final, their perfect scenario.

League One would be taken to new lengths with that kind of derby play-off and so would the whole of Sheffield’s stress levels.

Before the stress levels rise again in the city, United stay put with a home game against Preston North End.

My good mate is a Lilywhite. I told him that we need the points more than his mid-table side so to not cause us any problems. I’m sure he’ll relay that back to North End!

The Lancashire side are without a win away in the last three and at home in the League the Blades have won their last six.

At home United have a win percentage of 73. That’s the best in the League.

As I just finish writing this it looks like Lee Clark has been sacked as manager of Huddersfield Town.

That can only be a good thing for us, too.

It is all looking very positive!