CHARLIE WEBSTER: We need stability - not a revolving player door

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This is refreshing. I’ve spent every week for the last few months trying to be positive about Sheffield United off the back of consistently poor results.

At last, although I think I’m still in shock, I can actually write my column after a victory. It might be 14 games too late but I suppose it’s better late than never.

The reaction on my twitter was brilliant, my favourite was ‘Micky Adams for England!’ I loved all the Blades enthusiasm ‘We can do it’ ‘We are staying up’ and ‘The great escape begins.’ I have to add this one in too ‘Wow...SUFC winning whatever next? Hopefully Torres will score a goal!’ Nice to know our victory has had such a positive affect across all fans!

The Blades squad’s ‘crisis talks’ must have done the trick. I wonder what was said? Richard Cresswell made the point this week of needing a settled squad. Unbelievable when you hear that United have had 65 new players in the last two seasons. That’s almost unheard of. No wonder we’re in the position we are in. It’s like a revolving door. No stability or actual, solid team.

In 20 years Ryan Giggs has had 131 different team mates. Cresswell has had half of that in two years since he first came on loan to the club. Again it sort of makes sense why we are not battling away in the Premier League and instead hanging on the brink of third tier football.

I hate to say this but after cross referencing all the teams in our position in each season that have all gone down I fear it’s all too late. We need to go on a winning run and hope and pray that Scunthorpe, Crystal Palace, Middlesbrough and Derby go on the most awful run ever. How horrible do I sound? Sorry the fans of the above teams but I’m resorting to desperate measures to keep my own team in the Championship.

All along Adams has been saying that all it takes is one win to change United’s season. We’ll soon find out, the proof is in the pudding. Despite the fact that I’ve just written that it’s all too late I know what confidence can do. Confidence and belief is the difference in many occasions between athletes winning or losing. Hopefully the players won’t be entering the pitch scared and already writing themselves off before they’ve even got a touch. Instead the Blades from now on must come out fighting, will want to get the ball and to make decisions. I hope that every member of the squad wants this as much as we, the fans, do. I sometimes worry in a team like ours at the moment that with the fluid nature of players coming and going the same ingrained passion for their club isn’t there.

Let’s face it there are certain members of the side - if we were to get relegated - know that they would be able to move clubs and go straight back into the Championship. So a little plea to all members of the team, please give it everything you’ve got. Thank you.

At least we’ve got another home game, next, I’ve got a good feeling about this weekend. Watford: you might be mid table but we’re having you and all three points!