Charlie Webster: Sky TV girl with her view on Sheffield United

Charlie Webster with her Lane view.
Charlie Webster with her Lane view.
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Before the weekend I’d resigned myself to the fact that Sheffield United need to win all their final games for our promotion prize, avoiding what none of us want - the play-offs.

The Blades tucked one under their belt at the weekend against Leyton Orient. Our rivals didn’t.

We are within touching distance of a rise up to the Championship but not quite there yet.

Talk about nervy - whatever happens we must not become complacent.

I know we are United and we do it the hard way but for once maybe we could just keep it nice and simple. Please!

Sheffield Wednesday want the second spot just as much as we want to keep hold of it.

Our neighbours are just waiting for us to slip up and make no mistake they will take full advantage if we do.

On Saturday after the results had come in, I offered my Grandad, the Owl of the family, tickets to the League One Play-offs.

He nearly kicked me out of their house whilst my Grandma, a Blade, nearly fell off her chair laughing.

I was only trying to be nice - honestly!

I then got a reminder and had to relive United’s last play-off at Wembley against Burnley where we most definitely didn’t turn up or even look remotely like we could even play a game of football.

I had to literally wrestle my Grandma for her not to run on the pitch and start screaming at the players to pull their fingers out.

Although her turn of phrase was much more severe than that.

That is exactly why I offered my Grandad tickets as the Blades need to take the path to the Championship automatically as we can’t risk the Play- offs.

A big risk it would certainly be considering United haven’t even scored a goal in the last three Play-off finals, never mind won any.

To state the blindingly obvious, we sort of need to score to be in with a chance.

It just shows how the big occasions can really get to some teams.

Rather than play-offs being about the best team, playing the best football, it just seems to be whichever team can handle the pressure and turns up on the day that wins.

United could well clinch promotion this weekend.

United beating MK Dons and the Owls falling against Carlisle would mean just that.

In no way though do I underestimate our neighbours.

They are a physical side which if you laid all the players on the pitch must be the longest team in English football.

Dave Jones has admitted the pressure is getting to his side.

Danny Wilson must make sure it isn’t getting to his.

I heard a comment by an Owl ‘nobody messes up like United - just wait for them to break.’

Like I don’t underestimate our neighbours, you must not underestimate us.

I have started praying already that 6,000 Unitedites will be celebrating at Stadium:mk.

In no way am I being negative but without the second place finish I can’t see us moving anywhere next season.