CHARLIE WEBSTER: Iron game is huge

Missed: Chris Morgan.
Missed: Chris Morgan.
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‘Struggling Sheffield United’ is a phrase I’m hearing way too much at the moment.

I’m quite relieved I’ve come away on my holidays to escape just for a while from the woes of the Blades’ current League status.

I was travelling during the defeat against Leicester City and glad of it too after reading the match reports.

I was hoping that I’d read something along the lines of ‘an improving Sheffield United showed resilience against an in-form Leicester side to seal the win in front of the home faithful’ - but no, again, it’s all about the word ‘struggling.’

The worst thing is, according to my friends at the game and the reports, we were on top for the majority of the match.

All well and good but why is our finishing so poor?

There is only so much heart poor Micky Adams can take from a decent performance after still not having a win under his reign.

The last time we celebrated a win seems so long ago, and that’s because it was, Swansea at home on December 18, 2010.

We’ve been in much need of a centre back since the unfortunate and detrimental loss of Chris Morgan. Neill Collins has arrived but up the other end of the park we just can’t seem to deliver the goods.

I think a certain new Blackpool player would have helped in the middle with that, Andy Reid. It’s a real shame we were so far away from trying to secure his services.

On a side note, I’ll mention something which happened at the start of my holiday, which didn’t half make me laugh.

Yesterday I was on a plane somewhere over North Africa when a gentlemen walks past me in the aisle and staring me in the face is ‘SWFC’ and a glaring Owl on his Sheffield Wednesday track suit.

Bear in mind I caught the plane in London.

Just my luck! Actually the dialogue with him kept me entertained for a bit, the banter was flying faster than the plane.

I’d like to think I came out on top but we the fact remains we are now sat in the relegation zone.

Looking ahead both Scunthorpe and Preston both have games in hand, Scunthorpe have two, but they’ll struggle after losing one of their best players in Martin Woolford.

So the date in the diary is the 22nd of this month, a massively huge game against The Iron.

What worries me is they seem to be a bit of a bogey side for us. I remember last season, sat in the stands, feeling depressed as we got totally humiliated with a 4-0 thrashing at the hands of Scunthorpe in our own back yard. Plus they did the double over us the season before. In fact the last time the Blades beat them was in November 1983.

Just three days before the Scunthorpe fixture we’ve got Crystal Palace. Now a term comes in to mind which I don’t think can be avoided, it’s ‘must-win’ time.

The performances and effort have been evident so I’m keeping the faith that the finishing will improve. And with that I need your help.

I’m doing a charity bet every week with Sky Bet. The money I win over the course of the season goes to Women’s Aid. I’ve had a couple of good calls and a few close calls but need a good result to come off soon.

So I’m going show my faith and back my team: but which game should I back for us to win?

I’m tempted to go for win this weekend over Ipswich. Well we’ve got to get a win sooner or later. What do you think?

The last thing the team needs is bad vibes and despite what the players say publicly I think confidence is low. If confidence is low you don’t want the ball, you start to make the wrong pass selection and so on. The players need us to get behind them.

So here’s to a win over Ipswich this weekend and a late role to push us back up the table!