CHARLIE WEBSTER: Can United defy history this year?

Premature celebration: Richard Cresswell after United's second goal.
Premature celebration: Richard Cresswell after United's second goal.
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The feeling of elation and relief I experienced was amazing when Sheffield United went 2-0 up against Scunthorpe United.

I wrote on Twitter: ‘Get in’ and was tempted to add: ‘It’s time for the revival.’

I’m quite glad I didn’t write that or I would have seriously looked like I’d jinxed the game and got some full-on stick.

I had let the waves of relief completely take over me and jumped the gun - by a long way.

So how disappointed and depressed was I at the end of the game along with I’m sure the rest of us Blades fans out there?

How exactly did we throw away a 2-0 lead? I’m not even going to even attempt to analyse that slip-up.

I want to go to the Derby game this weekend but I don’t think I could cope with another result leading to such pain.

The reality of relegation might then set in and, at the moment, I’m happier in my fairytale thoughts that the Blades are going to be ok and keep a precious hold of our Championship status.

Plus my friend is a massive Derby fan. We actually sat and argued earlier on whose team was the worst! Quite funny on reflection that two football supporters were trying to take glory for whose team is performing the worst. Things must be bad!

I decided I needed to cheer myself up and hopefully all you fellow Blades out there. So in desperation, I looked at teams in our position last year and whether they survived the evil hand of relegation.

This time last year Plymouth Argyle were on 29 points in 23rd. Exactly the same as the Blades are now. No that one doesn’t cheer us up. Plymouth went down to League One finishing on 41 points. Not giving up hope, I decided to dig deeper.

So to the third week in February 2009. Southampton were 23rd in the Championship table on 31 points and they did not survive. Saints finished in 23rd on 45 points. To 2008 then, Colchester United sat in 23rd on 32 points. They most definitely didn’t hold on to their Championship status, Colchester finished rock bottom on 38. Anybody feel like a pattern is developing? 2007 Southend were in our place, with 31 points under their belt.

Guess what? They took a trip to League One at the end of the season in 22nd. Brighton and Hove Albion please break the cycle. 23rd, 29 points and a goodbye to the Championship by the end of the season.

Now it wasn’t until I got to the old Division One in 2002 and found Grimsby Town in 23rd on 32 points. The Mariners not only stayed in the League but finished in 19th on 50 points. However only one point kept them out of the red.

I’m not even going to tell you what other years looked like, trust me it’s not pretty and I don’t want to add more reason to sad faces this week.

Fifty points is what we need to be in with a chance of surviving the drop this year. Now we all have a decision to make?

Are we going to take hope from Grimsby Town in 2002 the same position but three more points than us? Or are we going to spend the next few months stocking up on tissues in preparation for disappointment and familiar tears of relegation sadness?

The stats don’t look good do they? However it’s football and we are Sheffield United, so anything can happen.

What decision did you make? I choose Grimsby Town and hope! I’m keeping the faith and heading to our game this weekend against Derby with a positive spirit and a smile on my face.

I may bring a packet of tissues though just in case. But if anybody this week asks me again what’s happened to the Blades and tells me we’re going down I will not be responsible for my actions...