Champions League for United? Don’t rule it out!

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It wasn’t quite the result we were looking for against Charlton Athletic, who look like they will be playing their football a tier higher in the Championship next season.

It’s a nervously close but exciting time to be a Blade at the moment or any team sat in the fragile positions at the top of League One.

I am sure I don’t need to point out the placing of both Huddersfield Town and Sheffield Wednesday.

I’ve spent the last few weeks as a guest presenter out in Asia, with a sneaky holiday hooked on the back.

My Sheffield United shirt travelled with me neatly folded, sort of, in my suitcase.

But it won’t be travelling back with me, today.

It has a new owner and United has a new Blade in Malaysia. It will all make sense shortly.

I appeared on a show called Bola@Mamak, a football chat debate show where anything goes, in football of course.

My Blades shirt made an appearance, although I’m sad to say, it was confused with various different strips including Sunderland and Stoke.

I know, I wasn’t happy either.

I was asked by a viewer on the show why people in Sheffield or such like support the local teams and not, in their words, Manchester United or Liverpool, the good teams.

I explained how it is part of our up bringing, our families, our pride of where we are from and for me going to Bramall Lane since I was four years old.

I talked about the passion of the Sheffield derby, our crowd numbers and I guarantee there our now plenty of people in Asia that really want to go and watch United play Sheffield Wednesday.

In one section of the show, I had to come up with a future newspaper headline.

It gets mocked up to look like a front page, all a bit tongue in cheek. One of the other guests said the January transfer window is cancelled.

I said Sheffield United qualify for the Champions League. Can you imagine? Is there more chance of the January transfer window getting cancelled than United playing Champions League football?

The presenter gave me some serious stick. As Adidas rightly say though: ‘Nothing is Impossible.’

Back to my shirt. Another guest on the panel was a celebrity in Asia called ‘Orange Man’ not the Tango man as I first thought, but a great football personality who wears Orange.

He was looking at my Blades top with interest rather than wondering why I don’t support Manchester United.

I said he could have it; this season’s an all. His eyes lit up, no joke. I signed the shirt ‘a new Blade, UTB…’

There will be a few football fans in Asia keeping an eye on the Blades in coming weeks.

Hopefully United’s FA Cup tie this weekend will demonstrate our quality and my love for the Blades, if not we’ve always got Colchester next week.

Colchester, who? I can imagine echoing around Asia.

Here’s to Champions League football! Er, I mean Championship football, sorry.