Blades need automatic - I just hate the play-offs

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‘The best game I’ve seen all season.’

This is the way a neutral Londoner described the Sheffield United match against Stevenage at the weekend to me.

He continued to go on about how impressed he was with the crowd and support in Sheffield football.

And yes the Manchester derby did come into the conversation, despite it getting over four million viewers, the Blades match last Saturday was by many described as far better.

Frustratingly I wasn’t there or watching it live, although the best thing about working at Sky is I could watch it back at work, and use the fast forward button.

I was in Poland presenting on the Speedway GP and was on air live at the same time as the second-half.

My phone was on silent but vibrating like mad in my bag as my friends were updating me with the scores.

Even a group of Great Britain speedway fans were shouting the score down to me while I was in the pits.

The problem was it was the wrong score, the one I didn’t want to hear, why nobody was shouting a 3-2 win to me, I just don’t know.

I was not impressed alongside I’m sure all other Blades, despite a good game, amazing support and a good come back.

I have mentioned in previous columns United’s bad, very bad, play-off record and that I really don’t want to be in the play-offs and doubt our ability to get promoted by that means.

However I’m a positive person and hate negativity so here goes.

Everyone assumes that Sheffield Wednesday are going to beat Wycombe and are literally already promoted.

I think not.

Anything can happen as we have shown; it wasn’t long ago that the Blades were four points clear of the Owls.

Wycombe, a team already relegated will be playing with no fear, no pressure and nothing to play for. That is a dangerous formula.

The problem is that United are in the same position with relegated Exeter.

The last day of the season is never straightforward. I’m still holding out for automatic promotion although sometimes I am in dreamland.

If the Blades end up finishing third then it helps to know that three out of the last five play-off finals whoever finished third has won.

The myth that third place never go up is not necessarily true although last year it was Peterborough in fourth.

Ok, this isn’t working, I hate being in the play-offs.

To make it worse, Huddersfield had the heartache of losing last year’s final, so despite a different manager will be on a mission.

MK Dons have lost two out of the last three semi-finals so this will be their third attempt to get promoted.

Just to add to that it looks like United would play Stevenage again and we haven’t beaten the huge team of rugby players yet this season and they won last year’s League Two play-offs.

Forget my positivity play-off try.

We need automatic.