Boxing: Sheffield United fan to fight former Blades’ star?

Commonwealth boxing champion Liam Cameron
Commonwealth boxing champion Liam Cameron
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Commonwealth champion Liam Cameron - a dyed in the wool Sheffield United fan - says he may end up fighting his one time Blades football hero Curtis Woodhouse.

Cameron, who won the middleweight title in October, has seen a planned defence fall through.

But he’s been buoyed by the chance of meeting the one-time midfielder, who won the British Super Lightweight title in 2014.

Cameron said Woodhouse has challenged him and talks are underway for a contest in April after the one-time Bramall Lane star said he would move up in weight.

“It looks like he fancies it, his last hurrah,” said the 27-year-old Manor Park champion of the 37-year-old. “It would be a good show for Sheffield...the King of the Kop!”

Cameron said he expected to have many Blades fans siding with him for the fight, which he thinks would take place at Ponds Forge.

Curtis Woodhouse

Curtis Woodhouse

The Dennis Hobson-promoted fighter, four inches taller than Woodhouse, has a won 20 lost five record.

Woodhouse has won 24, lost seven.

The one-time football star tweeted to Cameron: “You better start preparing for somebody that’s on your chest all night long! Just need Dennis Hobson to dust off his cheque book and King of the Kop is on!”