Blades fans column: We want flair, not sideways passing

Jamal Campbell-Ryce
Jamal Campbell-Ryce
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With fifteen minutes left last Saturday I was mentally planning to book a half-day holiday for the replay on a ground on which United haven’t played since 1959.

They didn’t half make hard work of wrapping the game up, and without Jamal Campbell-Ryce, who was the only player who performed to anything like his best form, they might not even have done that.

By no means does Campbell-Ryce always get it right, but I wish that more players would try running at defenders like he does, instead of passing the buck by knocking the ball 10 yards sideways.

Now Jamie Murphy has gone United have only two other players who appear to want to do that – Che Adams and Stefan Scougall.

These are the only three players in the squad who excite the crowd, but all three are much too inconsistent.

Adkins doesn’t seem convinced by Scougall (albeit he’s had a couple of injuries), and doesn’t really know how to get him in the team.

He’s played wide more often than in the middle, and also just behind a central striker, but where does he fit in Adkins’ plans?

I’m not sure he does.

Adkins must see in Adams what we all do – a teenager with more attacking potential than any we’ve had since Billy Sharp was a lad.

But there’s so much he must improve, not least his ball control and his awareness of what’s going on around him, such as when he stood watching as Millwall’s full back put the cross in for their first goal.

His positives are the way gets past players as much by using his strength as by any skill (he has the strongest backside since Nathan Blake) and that he’s using his left foot a lot more than he used to.

He has to play every week, whether it’s right, left or centre, to work on his weaknesses.