Blades fans column: Maybe Nigel Adkins IS actually getting the best out of his players

Nigel Adkins
Nigel Adkins
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Blades fans have been remarkably patient up to now, mainly reserving their angst for the end of matches and, later, via the myriad of media available to let their feelings be known.

On Tuesday night, however, things changed, as the crowd let rip more than once during the match.

Blades fans have also been patient with Nigel Adkins, understanding that the problems of the squad are largely not of his making. Now that patience is wearing thin.

In some ways it’s similar to a year ago.

Last November I wrote in this column: “The potential to produce more and better is clearly there, it’s just taking a long time to come out.

United’s deep squad could be telling as the season wears on. Quite possibly, but if United could up their game in the meantime it would help.”

That was when we were waiting for Nigel Clough’s squad to produce what they appeared capable of producing.

History records that they were actually playing to their potential, and that the depth of the squad didn’t have much bearing on things later in the season. It all amounted to a fifth-place finish.

Likewise, surely the current squad is capable of much better? But maybe not.

One caller to last week’s Praise or Grumble said this United team isn’t good enough. He was right.

He also believed that Nigel Adkins isn’t getting the best out of his players, but he might be wrong there.

Perhaps Adkins is getting the best out of his players.

Adkins has made it clear he wants to shake up his squad in January, but how does that make his current players feel?

Some might be thinking “I’m off in January, so why should I bother now?” You’d hope that isn’t the case, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it is.