Blades fans column: Adkins curried favour with half time change

Blades boss Nigel Adkins
Blades boss Nigel Adkins
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With 55 minutes gone and Sheffield United looking bereft of ideas about how to get back into a match against Bradford City that seemed to be on its way to worse than a 2-0 defeat Nigel Adkins had a brainwave.

Taking off both wingers appeared an odd thing to do when chasing the game, but it proved an inspired move, as Jose Baxter was the game-changer in his ‘quarterback’ role.

The extra man in midfield also allowed both full backs to get forward more, where they would pose more of a threat than Jamal Campbell-Ryce and Martyn Woolford had done in the first half of the game.

But this is by no means advocating that United should play 4-3-3 all the time; they played perfectly well using 4-4-2 at Peterborough and Swindon.

It is up to the players to get back to performing how they did in those matches and not make the stupid mistakes they have done in the last three.

Ten of us that had traveled later went for a curry in the Sweet Centre on Lumb Lane, where I first went in 1984 when working in the area and I have been a frequent visitor ever since.

Bradford curries are somehow different to many you get in Sheffield, and it got us talking about our ‘ideal’ division we would like to play in for the rest of United’s existence.

Stuff the Premier League, we want Bradford City for the curries, West Brom for the Indian barbecue in the Vine, and many other clubs based merely on the quality of the pre- or post-match beer and food.

When it comes down to it the match is only a small part of going away, which is why the result doesn’t seem to matter as much as it does to some who vent their anger when things are not going well. Chill out and have a good time!