Beattie would be another brick in the wall for United

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A WEEKEND of the UK School Games and my job to present the show for C4 takes me to Sheffield, my city of which I’m born and bred.

Even better on a Saturday when United are playing really good football at Bramall Lane. I went down to the Blades shop to get myself this season’s shirt and search for my named brick before we started filming. I think the producer was annoyed I spent 15 minutes staring at the wall trying to spot my brick. I couldn’t find it!

I’m the sort that once I’ve got something in my head I can’t let it drop until I got dragged away. Just to add, during filming, that I wore my new Blades shirt the entire time.

I always bang on to anyone who’ll listen about how good the atmosphere is at Bramall Lane and Saturday proved me right. There was such a positive vibe.

After last season’s depressing run of losses, it’s good to watch victories.

Danny Wilson has got his head screwed on, he remains level headed and won’t get carried away with the great start. I loved it when he said ‘You have to earn the right to play football.’ That’s what our club should be about.

I’ve heard a few Wednesday fans out there saying that we’ll have a slump and I suppose inevitably we may wobble. We can’t remain unbeaten in the League or can we? It’s worth bearing in mind that Wednesday were top after 5 games (6th after 6) and then crashed down to mid-table so there’s a lesson to be learned there.

It goes to show we can’t assume a great start is enough to win promotion but momentum, confidence and constant improvement can.

On another note I have to say it’s a shame about the Jordan Slew loss, to me it seems like a bad bit of business for just over a million bearing in mind he’d just signed a new contract. Although I think Slew and his agent were pushing hard for a move. I guess I wouldn’t want a player in a United shirt if he didn’t want to be in it, so maybe getting the money for him makes sense. I think it’s the wrong move for Slew too, one more year with us playing regular football would have been my advice. One player I’d like to see back for sure is James Beattie, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind taking a bit of a pay cut, he’s in his last couple of years and wanted to stay at United anyway and I know he loved it here. He’d get a lot of goals.