Beattie can roll back the years at Bramall Lane

Flashback: James Beattie in his last spell for the Blades
Flashback: James Beattie in his last spell for the Blades
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I have received some interesting comments and questions this week.

The first one came in my boxing club: ‘Charlie, are you really a Sheffield United fan?’

Of course my answer was a very polite, but firm ‘yes.’ The response ‘I’ve never met a Blade before, cool.’

It made me laugh as if I was from a different universe and it was a complete novelty. I suppose maybe it is because I am based in London (welcome insults from the blue side of the city.)

The following question took place at Stamford Bridge: “I know you support Sheffield United but are you a secret Liverpool fan?”

The answer of course a very polite but firm ‘no.’

The reason I was asked, because I have bet three times for charity on Liverpool games this season and all for them to win, and to my delight they did.

The next comment always bugs me but seems to be quite a frequent question “Who is your Premier League team?’

Again a very firm but clear answer: “Sheffield United.”

They looked at me baffled and didn’t know what to say, I think they thought I actually believed the Blades were still in the Premier League. Well, aren’t they?

Back to reality, League One reality, but a positive reality of six points from second placed Huddersfield Town and a re-signing of James Beattie all but confirmed.

Although I must admit, there does seem to be some serious ‘Beattie-doubters’ amongst United fans.

There are plenty out there with the feeling that he won’t be the same player he was.

It’s not like he’s been out that long. Three months out of the game may leave a little bit of rust but his instincts and years of football in his legs won’t have suddenly just disappeared.

The most important thing is that Beattie wants to be back in the competitive game, so it won’t matter what shirt he has on his back, he will want to prove the critics wrong and get himself back to where he believes he can be.

That, can only be a good thing for us.

I look forward to seeing the striker match-fit again and watching the impact he has on not only our goal tally but on the Blades’ squad both in performance and spirit.

Remember this is League One and Beattie should be able to offer goals at this level.

However is my heart ruling my head? Should money be spent investing in young long term talent instead?

I guess we are about to find out. I might be able to predict three Liverpool away wins against the big clubs but, really, I’m no Mystic Meg.

On the young end of the scale, I would like to see the addition of Rangers John Fleck, the loan move having been reignited after previously falling through.

Fleck from what I know has plenty of ability but has not fulfilled his potential at Ibrox.

Fleck has been told he must get out, if he wants to progress. I reckon he’d be a good addition for us, adding a bit of a depth, he’s keen and desperate to play first team football.

Chesterfield next though and no disrespect to our neighbours, this should be easy to predict.

The Derbyshire side are bottom of the table, in a real slump of form, without a win in their last nine, without a win in their last four at home.

I hope I haven’t just jinxed us, after all our record against the teams in the bottom regions of this tier is not exactly as secure as it should be...