Battling United must keep on believing

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Last week if I’d have said in my column that Sheffield United were going to take the six points from their next two games and bang three goals in each, you have laughed out loud!

So the complete unexpected can happen in football and as we are Sheffield United it is tradition not to make things easy on ourselves. Maybe there is something in that, I’m from Sheffield, a Blade and do exactly the same. However I have fighting spirit and never give up - a quality we are now starting to see again in the team we love.

I wrote all about the importance of positive mental attitude (PMA) in sport referring to the marathon I had just ran. It seems that it worked; maybe the players did read my column and take note of PMA. Okay, maybe not, but there was something distinctly different in our attitude. It almost seemed like the team suddenly realised, ‘oh deary me we are going to get relegated, best do something about that’ and actually woke up to the reality.

But I found this weekend run annoying. Okay, I was jumping around like a crazy fool after both wins but I’m upset that it’s only now that we are starting to get results. Is it all too late, and have we just postponed the inevitable?

Most people I have spoken to seem to think so but you have to keep the faith that’s what being a supporter of a football club is all about. Keeping the faith through the downs and not just celebrating the ups.

We have to win our next two matches, hosting Barnsley who come off the back of two losses and two draws and travelling to Swansea.

The worst thing is the Blades have to hope that both Crystal Palace and Doncaster Rovers don’t pick up any points from their remaining games. Now even harsher than that is our goal difference, Palace nine goals and Doncaster eight ahead of us so we have to go on a scoring frenzy. Darius Henderson are you up for a few more?!

Let’s keep the theme of positive thinking though, Rovers haven’t won since March 1 and have only won twice in their last 22. They play Leicester City at home and finish with Middlesbrough away.

Palace’s record isn’t quite as bad but they go to Play-off challengers Hull City next.

Their final match is at home to Nottingham Forest who last time out they took a drumming off losing 3-0. I may be clutching at straws here but you’ve got to clutch something so if you haven’t got anything else they might as well be straws.

So imagine the Blades carrying on their winning form, the feeling of elation watching the players run riot over Yorkshire neighbours Barnsley, cheering in the stands, screaming with joy at the TV knowing League One has not quite got its nasty grip on us yet.

Imagine beating Swansea in the final game. We then hear we’ve done it, against all odds we’ve managed to hang on by the thinnest thread ever to our Championship status. Feels good - it would feel even better if it was reality!

Tickets are on sale for United’s FA Youth Cup final against Manchester United. The first leg is at Bramall Lane on May 17.