Alan Biggs at Large: The door out should be busier than the one coming in at Bramall Lane

Nigel Adkins
Nigel Adkins
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It’s a hard sell at any time but sometimes no news is good news. Sheffield United supporters might catch my drift.

Among Nigel Adkins’ many qualities is an apparent lack of personal ego. He doesn’t have to make changes for effect or to announce his presence. And without wishing to reopen the Nigel Clough sacking debate, I think Adkins knows there aren’t too many things broken that need fixing. A good squad also contains some unused and arguably underused parts such as Neill Collins, George Long and Diego De Girolamo. In his own measured way, the new boss is giving them all a chance. While everyone knows the areas that need strengthening, and surely will be, who’s panicking? And why would you?

The focus is inevitably on signings but I think there should be as much emphasis on offloading to ease budget restrictions.

United’s senior squad numbers around 30. Certainly, it’s top heavy in midfield where a duplication problem was unnecessarily created.

I feel the Blades should be running at between 20 and 25, tapering down to a quality choice and leaving enough slack for loans.

n Bramall Lane’s new pitch stages a recreation of football history on July 31st – 148 years since the world’s first knock-out final was played there.

The Youdan Trophy – designed and made by Graham Ibbeson in honour of pioneering patron Thomas Youdan – is going on display in Sheffield town hall. It will be unveiled by the Lord Mayor tomorrow (Friday) ahead of a youth tournament run by