21 retro pictures of Sheffield United fans in the 90s and 00s queueing up for match tickets

Not as many people have to queue up for match tickets the way they used to.

But back in the day, if you wanted to make sure you were getting to the big Blades games, the best and often only way of doing it was to head down to Bramall Lane yourself and get ready for a wait.

Sometimes families and friends would head down en masse to keep each other company, or maybe you were one of those designated to get them in for everyone else.

Queues very often snaked right around the car park at the Lane and out onto Cherry Street as Sheffield United fans lined-up to get tickets for the many big matches their team was involved in. That may have been a big derby clash, a Play-Off Final or a huge cup match against one of the country’s big guns.

Scroll through for pictures of supporters braving all weathers to make sure they got their hands on one.

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