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NICK CLEGG AT NETHER GREEN  Nick Clegg pictured at his constituency office at Nether Green.    14 January 2010
NICK CLEGG AT NETHER GREEN Nick Clegg pictured at his constituency office at Nether Green. 14 January 2010
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DONCASTER Rovers may have drawn a blank in their last two games but have scored with young Robbie Clark.

Clark was recently released by the club at the end of his sixth-month contract.

But, following manager Sean O’Driscoll’s intervention, the former youth team star is set to stay on at the club in the immediate future - albeit in a different capacity.

“I’m obviously delighted,” he said. “The club have looked after me really well.

“I just wasn’t going to get into the team because of the quality of players at the club, but the players said that I’d done well and that I deserved something out of it.”

“I went to see the gaffer recently and he told me that there was nothing here for me (as regards the first team) but that I’d improved as a player and the boys wanted to do something for me because I’d done well and they all liked me and that they would all chip in from their bonus money to pay my wages until the end of June.

“I was speechless because that was me done and I was resigned to be going.

“The gaffer said that there was something on the table (involving working with the club’s Community Sports & Education Foundation) and that I could either take it or leave it.

“He was keen on me working with them because the type of person I am and he said it would be great for the club because I’d be able to use my experience to help the kids to get where I’ve got.

“I think the job is for two months to see how I do and if I like it and if I want to go down that road and get more coaching qualifications. I have just started working with them and I’m enjoying it. They’ve made me feel very welcome.

“It is just a lifeline to give me a bit of money and to keep me in a job until something turns up, which hopefully it will. But there is nothing on the table football-wise at the moment. there is nothing about.

“I’m playing for Brigg Town at the moment on a non-contract basis - because I need to play games to get my fitness levels up - and I’m going for trials with Gainsborough.

“I still want to be a full-time footballer and I’m still trying my hardest ringing clubs and the manager said he would give me a reference.

“I improved training with the lads every day and I’m only 19 and I’m sure that there is more to come.

“I’ve got a few years to give it a go and I’ll never stop trying, because in my heart I know that if I can keep on improving I know that I can make a good living out of it - whether that be in the Conference or League Two, or even out of the country.

“But if things don’t work out at least I know I have another option thanks to the club.”

Said Community manager Liam Scully: “The gaffer came to us towards the end of Robbie’s contract, regarding any roles we had we could utilise Robbie in.

“We’ve known about Robbie for a long time. Coming through the system, we’ve known about his fantastic attitude and desire to do well.

“So he (O’Driscoll) came to us with a proposal that if the club and the players could support him through the initial months in the role with us would there be ways we could utilise him.

“We jumped at the chance to use Robbie’s expertise and recent education with the first team. “The gesture by the players to help Robbie shows how closely the club work with the community, this is just one of the many things they have done recently and we can’t thank then enough, we hope in the long term it will sort Robbie out either in the professional game or the semi-professional game with a coaching career alongside that,”