Work speeds up on new ground

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ROTHERHAM United’s New York Stadium has moved even further ahead of schedule.

Chairman Tony Stewart said they now have a finish date of July 7, down from July 11 which in itself was an earlier date than original suggested.

“We have weekly meetings with the contractors and they are doing a great job and tell me that everything is going well,” said Stewart.

He says he has been delighted with the response to the choice of name of the 12,000-seater stadium which was announced on Monday.

“The name has certainly created a lot of interest, not just locally but on a national scale, and it has put the Rotherham United name out there,” he said. “I travel past the ground every day going to work and to see it going up as quickly as it has done, and to see it evolving, is so exciting.”

Many fans want one of the stands to become the Tivoli End - as there was just 600 yards up the road at Millmoor - the club are likely to look at that prospect.