VIDEO: Sheffield Wednesday v Rotherham United penalty debate: Keith Hackett gets it wrong!

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Former Premier League referee Keith Hackett has paid a back-handed compliment to official Nigel Miller, who governed the Sheffield Wednesday v Rotherham United derby last week and declined to award the Owls a penalty in the 80th minute.

Millers defender Kirk Broadfoot held his breath as he challenged Kieran Lee and the Owls midfielder went down in the area. Hackett, from his seat in the stands, thought it had been a stone-wall spot-kick. But reviewing it on TV, he accepted that he’d got it wrong and the County Durham ref had got it right.

However, the acid-tongued Hackett speaking on the “You are the Ref” website, drew attention to Miller’s age, 54. He said the fact that Championship games were being reffed by a “pensioner” asked questions of his suitability.

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