The half-time blast

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THE positive response to a rowdy half-time dressing room confrontation could prove the pivotal moment in Rotherham United’s season.

That’s the view of Millers manager Andy Scott whose side rescued a seemingly impossible situation from 3-0 down after 35 minutes at Morecambe on Tuesday.

“We were in trouble at three down, had got back to 3-1 but there were lots of questions to be asked at half-time. Lots of them,” said Scott.

“Well, it could be the pivotal moment of the season, I reckon, because we could either have crumbled or responded.

“It wasn’t really a team talk, it was more ultimatums.

“There was some industrial language in there. I don’t like shouting and screaming but they got shouted and screamed at - and got a big dose of it.

“But once the point had been got across that I wasn’t happy with what was going on and they’ve to buck their ideas up, then you’ve to tell them how it needs sorting.

“Fortunately, they took it on board, what was required and they responded magnificently.

“It wasn’t about tactics it was about how you do it right; about heart and fire in the belly to make sure you do your job properly and don’t get dominated.

“League Two is a tough place and you’ve got to battle. You’ve to win personal battles and if we do that then the quality we’ve got will win games.

He went on: “In fairness, they answered those questions. Fair play to them. I was very proud how they came back against a tough team who have caused problems to lots of teams and will continue to do so.

“Our front four will take credit but they were able to do that because we had a platform to build on. “We have some good players here and I want them to show what good players they are.”

He added: “If we approach games like we did in the second half then we’ll be fine and ahead of such as Morecambe.”

The record books are being scanned - and memories tested - to find the last time Rotherham United came back from 3-0 down to force a result and it is beyond 40 years.