Stewart says club remember ‘forgotten fans’

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ROTHERHAM United want to tap into the pool of “forgotten fans” when they get back into the town next year.

Chairman Tony Stewart says they are aware of a large percentage of the Millers support which does not go to the Don Valley Stadium but will be back to support the team at the new stadium.

“I was told only this week, actually on the occasion of the media call we had at the new stadium site, of a Millers fan who stopped by to look at an artist’s impression of the new ground which is displayed outside,” said Stewart.

“He said he was a season ticket holder at Millmoor but he doesn’t go to Don Valley and won’t go but will be having a season ticket when we’re back in Rotherham next year.

“We are aware of lots of people like him who are just waiting for this new ground.

“We want to reach out to those forgotten fans, those who have forgotten what Rotherham is about. We want to welcome them back.

“And we are going to be about families as well.

“It is going to have modern and comfortable amenities, an enclosed stadium that won’t be draughty, with good acoustics and we want it to be an occasion for the people of Rotherham when there’s a game down here.

“It will be about the fans of tomorrow as well as today and we will be banging the drum very hard to get all the people of Rotherham interested in what we are doing. This will be a Community Stadium for the community.”

Stewart confirmed funding was in place and that it would be more than a football ground and will incorporate commercial, retail and leisure facilities in the longer term.

Meeting the 2012 deadline will mean not forfeiting the £800,000 bond lodged with the Football League in 2008.