Rotherham United: Supporters make Italian Mattia a merry Miller

Mattia Cerutti
Mattia Cerutti
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He saw two matches, 11 goals, one red card, went in more pubs than was good for him and departed with 100s of new friends.

The Millers’ Italian super-fan, Mattia Cerutti, certainly enjoyed his trip to Rotherham after supporters raised money to fly him over for games at Wolves and at home to Port Vale.

Mattia said: “One word: Amazing! I saw the big game at Wolves. It finished 6-4.What a match it was; it was the best game I have ever seen! I became crazy when we scored.

“Then I went to New York Stadium for the match against Port Vale and I was on the pitch with my italian flag.”

Mattia fell in love with the club when he came across them by chance on a computer game at his home in Italy an hour’s drive from Milan.

The 18-year-old stayed with fans during his visit, and Chris Simmons, one of the organisers, said: “The support, time and effort from everyone to get this lad over has been nothing short of remarkable.

“This whole trip is something which will stay with him and everyone involved for a long time to come.”

Mattia also got to meet the players at training and was given a guided tour of the promotion-chasing Millers’ stadium.

Millers media officer Matt Young said: “It was a pleasure meeting Mattia and I understand he had a fantastic time.

“We arranged for him to be introduced to the crowd at half-time and, despite English not being his first language, he showed no nerves by taking the microphone and announcing his love for Rotherham United.

And the town, it seems, hasn’t seen the last of its No 1 overseas admirer.

“My dream came true thanks to the idea of Chris and the other people who did this for me,” Mattia said. “I will never forget all this, never! I love so much Rotherham, but not only the team but also the town and especially these fantastic people and fans who live there.

“My future will be there one day, I’m sure!”