ROTHERHAM UNITED: Steve Evans refutes spending tag

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ROTHERHAM United manager Steve Evans says the idea of the club as the “big spenders” of League Two is not true.

“There are other clubs saying we’re big-spending Rotherham but there are players at Chesterfield, Northampton and Bradford City who we didn’t get,” said Evans. “I notice Jack Lester says we’re the League Two club with all the money. Well, I hope he doesn’t pick up Marc Richards’ pay packet then.

“We were in for him but we couldn’t have afforded his left leg.

“They outbid us on that one,” added Evans in the build-up to Rotherham’s visit to Chesterfield tomorrow for the big local derby.

“Take Bradford City. They have three players we were in for. They got them. People said the same about Crawley when I was there last season but my chairman was amazed when I told him the figures.

“We’ve brought in players here because of the stadium; the fan base; the manager’s recent promotions; the club’s drive and ambition.

“It won’t make any difference tomorrow who earns what. Get on with it.”