Rotherham United: ‘Permanent’ Warne wouldn’t accept Millers players in a rush to go home

Paul Warne
Paul Warne
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Paul Warne is ready to get tough in the dressing room if he is unveiled as Rotherham United’s next permanent manager.

The relegated Millers are to make an announcement on Wednesday, after tomorrow night’s home Championship derby against Sheffield Wednesday, and the interim boss says the full-time role would give him more power to tackle certain members of his squad.

Warne, who is likely to be without injured trio Tom Adeyemi, Lee Frecklington and Danny Ward for the New York Stadium showdown, wants to change the culture around the training ground.

“We give the players video clips and I say to them: ‘Come and knock on my door and I will go through them with you,” he told The Star. “In an ideal world, I would have a group of players where everyone wants to watch the clips with the manager.

“I am disappointed with a few who haven’t knocked on my door. If it is me carrying on, then there will be a consequence to them doing that.

“If they watch them on their own, they can convince themselves of anything, but I need them to watch them with me so I can tell them what they did right and wrong.

Danny Ward

Danny Ward

“I think the club should have players who all want to knock on your door and want to get better, not be in a rush to go home.”

Warne’s attitude will harden if he is given the hot-seat for next season, after being in temporary charge since November, and can shape his own team in the summer.

“At the moment, I am just fighting fires,” he said. “If I fought those battles head on, I could lose two or three players in the changing room, so I don’t think it’s a fight worth having now.”

Rotherham are planning major upgrades to their Roundwood training base as they prepare for life in League one following last Saturday’s 1-0 defeat against Fulham which confirmed their exit from the second tier.

They use Roundwood’s training pitches, but their gym and dining facilities are off site.

“If we do develop the training ground and there are the dressing rooms here and there is the food here, then we can do stuff in the afternoon,” Warne said.

“We could do that now, but logistically it is not easy. We want the lads to be around a bit more and all the staff here. At the moment, we are all piloting off in different directions. It is all over the place.

“If the training ground develops, which I am told is going to happen, and we get young, hungry players in who really want to improve, we can just get a completely different culture of learning and improving.

“I don’t feel like it has been like that this season. We are not a club with the biggest budget, so whoever we do sign we have to sculpture to what we want.

“That will only happen if we have a culture which allows that, and I don’t think there has been that culture.”

Wednesday, who drew 1-1 at Barnsley at the weekend, head into tomorrow’s match trying to regain their spot in the top six after losing their place in the play-offs to Fulham.

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